Dream Seeding, for a Better World All Ages Art Show ran in Ann Arbor’s Michigan Union from February 20 until March 14, 2009, with art from well over a hundred children, teens, and adults from around Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and the wider region.

Special thanks go to the kids of Brighton’s Lindbom Elementary and their teacher Valerie Reitzel for their many inspiring visions of peace!

We held a public reception on March 7th with food, stories from Jill Halpern, and amazing music from longtime member of the children’s folk duo Gemini Laz Slomovitz, with Helen Slomovitz, Eric Fithian, and drummer Lori Fithian.

All photos are by Christopher Bednash, unless otherwise noted.  All art shown is presumed to be the copyright of the artists themselves, with all rights reserved.


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"Luminescence" photograph by Phyllis Perry

Artists in this Show!

Martha Hill
Suzanne Buetler
Patricia Dombecki
Ling Jie Gu		
Roger Anderson	
John Bartlein		
Karyn Stetz		
Robert Neveux		
Barbara Stahler-Sholk	
Diane Blakeman	
Sarah Ross		
Elliot Algase (and mom Terrie)
Ernest W Dopp
Lesli Weston
Megan Ginter
Emily Howard
Renee Baumunk & Dawn Farm in-patient treatment clients
Lisa Jarrell
Jacki Dilley
Antione Currie
Annie Noffke
Jane Bunge-Noffke
Valerie Reitzel (teacher)
Katie Iversen
Shaina Opperman
Olivia Vonberge
Jennifer Robeson	
Lilith Dorr            
Hannah Roberts     
MMicky Shine             
Susan Kravitz Ayer          
Molly Indura		
Alma Fisher   
Jill Halpern
Phyllis Perry
Colette Holtzman-Gehr
Alan Haber
Odile Hugenot Haber
Jan Lutz
Grace Rother
Debs Co-op 
Lisa Voelker
Christopher Bednash
Sasha Petroni
Ted Poprafsky 

Video by Robert Hughes
Stories by Jill Halpern
Music by Laz Slomovitz, Helen Slomovitz, Lori Fithian & Eric Fithian


We thank all the artists and everyone who attended the show!  We thank Teri Rosenberg of the University
of Michigan Office of Arts and Programs and the Michigan Union for hosting Dream Seeding! We thank all
the members of Debs Co-op in the past year, who have hosted the headquarters for the show, encouraged
art-making and taken phone messages! We thank Bill, Carol & Sarah at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and 
Tearoom for helping so effectively to get the word out! We thank David Rich for his excellent web design
and to Joshua First for his web ideas! We thank Robert Hughes for making a film about Dream Seeding, for
a Better World! We also thank the following folks for help throughout the process of organizing Dream Seeding: 
Sarah R., Lisa V., Alan, Odile, Sam, Natalie, Sarah F., Camillia, Grace, Saki, Joe, Rhiannon, Sasha, Robert, Monte,
Willow, Steve, Dan, and again every single member of Debs House! Thanks to all the loving spirits who have
collaborated to help this show materialize.  ~~~Christopher Bednash

Phyllis Perry

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