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16th November 2008

About Dream Seeding


Dream Seeding for a Better World is a spontaneous attempt to reach out across time and space to find glimpses of another, more compassionate way of life and to share them with others. Fundamental systemic change is needed, although we need to dream up a new reality in order to bring it forth. Dispatches from the forefront of change and the wild ideas of artists can help us to see that another world is indeed possible. Dream Seeding seeks to spread the seeds of a more humane culture, in harmony with the living planet, a bit wider into the “collective consciousness.”


Dream Seeding is seeking art and other creative inspirations that either actively offer visions of a more peaceful community or world or give an insight as how we may bring forth such a community or world. We wish to show these “dream seeds” on our website and are currently curating an exhibition of “dream seeds” in Michigan in February 2009.


Our intention is only to find these visions of a better way and share them so as to facilitate their dissemination into our world. We are not seeking to use anyone’s images for commercial gain. All images on dreamseeding.org are assumed to be fully copyrighted by their creators. Dream Seeding’s header illustration, “The Lady is Seeding Dreams,” is part of the creative commons and can be used for a variety of purposes, although attribution is appreciated.


Dream Seeding, for a Better World is an ongoing project of the very small Ann Arbor-based non-profit group, Artists for Peace. Dream Seeding is also co-sponsored by Eugene V. Debs Cooperative House.


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