Here is our latest Dream Seeding flyer, featuring a photograph from Sara Dent.   For more of her work, checkout farmlove.org !!


We are excited to announce the return of Dream Seeding to Ann Arbor!!!  As always, Dream Seeding is a call to each of us the claim own power to envision how a more beautiful and compassionate world may come into creation!

We are now actively seeking art/creative expression in any (feasible medium) from artists of all ages and skill levels to show in Dream Seeding for Transformational Times Community Art Show!  We are calling for art that in any way helps us to see transformation of our lives, our communities, our world, our futures to be more peaceful, just, and ecologically healthy is very possible!

Here are a few images from last year’s Dream Seeding for the New Era of Love Community Art Show!

We are excited to give virtual tours of our Dream Seeding for Changing Realities All Ages Art Show from this past March!

Thanks very much to everyone who helped participated to make Dream Seeding possible!!

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